Welcome to the Piccoli-Shop

Your special shop for haberdashery and replacement parts for lingerie, corsets, swimsuits and orthopaedic garments and supports

We are back again! Our Piccoli Online-Shop opened again.

Our customers

Are buyers of small quantities and single pieces:

  • housewives
  • designers
  • dressmakers and tailors
  • corset makers
  • orthopaedic shops
  • theatres
Our products
  • rings
  • slides
  • hooks
  • bikini-fasteners
  • suspender-ends
  • bra-underwires
  • corset bones
  • hook- and eye-tapes
  • loops
  • velcro
  • knee and wrist-support
The adventage of buying from us
Do you need pieces which are not included in our catalogue?

Please send an e-mail with all details. We will immediately source the article and send you all relevant information.






* Prices include VAT, plus delivery


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